General technical description

Technical parameters of the building:

A unique quality standard in the market. Construction based on detailed execution designs and full documentation during construction. (photo, video)

Walls and structures:

  • modern fired ceramic walling blocks
  • SILKA partition walls between apartments
  • interior partitions are made of aerated concrete, completely separated from the floor structure for acoustic reasons
  • monolithic reinforced concrete wall, pillar and slab system

Thermal insulation:

  • on the elevation 15-cm Austrotherm graphite reflex thermal insulation
  • in the ground floor structure, a uniform 15-cm step-resistant thermal and acoustic insulation
  • on the closing slab, min. 20-cm Austrotherm ATN 100 thermal insulation
  • ventilated, mounted façade – large-board stone porcelain cladding

Doors and windows::

  • aluminium 3-layer glazed windows and doors
  • the living room/terrace connection and convenient access is provided by a modern construction lift & slide door with recessed threshold
  • installed with professional frames and sills as well as appropriate lintel insulation to avoid thermal bridges.

Building services engineering:

  • floor and ceiling surface cooling-heating
  • heat recovery ventilation system
  • modern, high-COP air heat pump heating
  • 200-litre buffer tank
  • domestic hot water tank with double heat exchanger, with optional solar collector connection

Building control:

  • smart home control from mobile phone, tablet or computer
  • shading
  • heating control
  • lamps
  • garden lighting
  • alarm system with cameras and motion detectors
  • remote access


  • lightning protection for the whole building
  • garden lighting
  • building automation
  • camera system
  • remote access

Other technical parameters:

  • Full-scale system-based building material usage
  • Outdoor patio paving, unique modern look, with the same look and material as the façade cladding, belonging to the same system, 2-cm thick, polished-edge stone porcelain tiles
  • Bathrooms with full sanitary system, toilet, bidet, bathtub, shower, wash-hand basins)

Optional items

  • Garden:
    custom designed garden
  • Electric car charger:
    Schneider Electric, installation of electric car charging unit
    ((cabling and space requirements pre-built)
  • Jakuzzi
  • Community barbecue site on the shore of Lake Balaton

Downloadable General technical description (pdf)


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